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Our Team

Ph.D Iv Rokaj LL.M was graduated at the Faculty of Law,University of Tirana, with an Integrated Diploma of the Second Level (Master of Science in Law) GPA 10.0 out of 10.0. He is an experienced Lecturer of Law with a demonstrated history of working as a Faculty Professor. Skilled in Criminal Law, International Law, Policy Analysis, Legal Assistance and Legal Research.

Arfjona Duka

Arfjona Duka joined our office in September 2020, as an Attorney at Law.She graduated with excellent results in the Bachelor of Laws program and Master of Science in Private Law at the European University of Tirana in 2014, where she received the ``President's Award`` by the University.

Enxhi Drapi

Enxhi Drapi honor student, graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana, where she is currently pursuing Second Level studies (Master of Science in Law in Civil Law). She is a journalist and part of the ``Union of Journalists of Albania``. In addition to poetry, in 2020, she published her first novel entitled ``Somewhere where the sun does not set``, a novel which stood out in the Albanian territories and beyond.

Arbër Toçi

Arbër Toçi graduated in Legal Sciences at the University ``Albanian University``, Tirana. He completed his studies for a Master of Laws in Criminal Law with high results at the University ``Luarasi``. Good knowledge of Italian language.Arbër joined our studio in the position of Assistant Lawyer.