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On 17th June, 2019 Albanian Parliament approved Law No. 30/2019 “On some amendments on Law No. 9723, dated 03.05.2007, “On Business Registration”, as amended. Legal amendments regulate shareholder changes registration process and company’s initial registration process. Law No. 30/2019 provides administrative measures toward actions contrary to these registration procedures.   The present law is promulgated in Official Gazette No. 99, dated 10.07.2019 and enters into force 15 days by its publication....

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Constitutional judgment on amendments to Law no. 9632, dated 30.10.2006 “On local tax system”.

Rokaj & Partners, Advocates & Legal Consultants Law Firm has represented in front of the Constitutional Court the requesting subject, society “For the protection of Traders and Market” on their initiative to demand the proclamation as incompatible with the Constitution of the Republic of Albania Law no. 142/2015 “Amendments to Law no. 9362, dated 30.10.2006 “On local tax system” amended”....

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EU assists Albania to enforce Industrial Property Rights and to promote economic growth


The €1,000,000 project to strengthen Industrial and Intellectual Property rights (IPR) in Albania came to an end today. Since May 2011, the European Patent Office has supported the General Directorate of Patents and Trademarks (GDPT) to better implement existing laws and has raised awareness of the importance of IPR to businesses and consumers alike. Respecting the work of others, be it a book, a CD, software, or a brand name, is key to fair competition, creativity and innovation....

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Halimi: Who raises a hand on women will be sentenced to 20 years imprisonment

New criminal package comes into effect, Halimi: Who raises a hand on women will be sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. Today, it comes into effect the new criminal package, which according to Minister of Justice, Eduard Halimi ' is the toughest of the last 20 years'. During a press conference, Minister Halimi highlighted that this package constitutes an added guarantee to the lives of citizens and public safety....

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New Law on International Private Law – Albania


The international law operates on the basis of coordination with elements of compromise in the relations between states. In these relations equality prevails between states based on their sovereignty. This spirit is entirely followed by the law “On International Law” nr.10428 date 02.06.2011. The law is conceived as an act which reflects the rules adopted by the EU legislation and fulfills the obligations of Albania that arise from the membership in the Hague Conference on International Law. This law defines rules for the law that applies in civil legal relations, which have foreign elements, jurisdiction and procedural rules of Albanian...

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Albania parties pass laws to work on EU candidate status

Albanian parties join forces to pass EU-related laws. Parties hope EU will consider candidate status this year. May 30 (Reuters) - Albania's government and opposition parties joined forces on Thursday to pass three laws the European Union recommended to help it on its long path towards candidate status. In addition to the laws, the European Union expects Albania to hold a fair and free election next month and make progress in the fight against crime and corruption before it considers granting Tirana candidate status after rejecting it three times....

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Albanian Parliament ratifies Host Government Agreement between Albania and TAP

The HGA defines the terms of engagement for the Southern Gas Corridor pipeline’s future delivery. Upon decreeing by the President of the Republic of Albania, the HGA will become a fully binding law. The HGA sets out the regulations by which the project will be realised and operated on Albanian territory. This includes processes on land easement and acquisition, the implementation of technical, safety, environmental and social standards and permitting regulations....

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