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The firm has offered a wide range of services addressed to the clients’ needs, such as Litigation, Arbitration, Legal and Financial Consultancy, Drafting Agreements and other legal acts, Investments Opportunities, Establishing a new company and carrying out appropriate measures on company’s closure when deemed necessary, Connections with clients etc.

Within our financial counseling, we offer a variety of services summarized in:

  • Tax Procedures
  • Accounting and Financial Statements
  • Securities and Financial Markets
  • Budgeting
  • Market research
  • Strategic Investment
  • Bank transactions
  • Accounts and Booking
  • Payroll Calculations & Salary Processing
  • Value Added Tax (VAT), Profit Tax, Withholding Tax – Calculation, Reporting and Electronic Filing
  • Tax Planning & Advice
  • Registration and Deregistration of Employees
  • Complete Set of documents to Labor Office
  • Consultancy on Labor Code
  • Work Permit for foreign citizens
  • Consulting, Managerial and Financial Reports
  • Fiscal and Financial Services
  • etc

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